Below are some example configurations for your Lacanche.

                       To design your own range cooker 


The Bussy range cooker has six gas burners and a combination of two ovens. An electric oven and a vertical electric multifunction oven together give you a choice of three cooking modes: static, grill and convection. 
Dimensions: W 900 x H 900 x D 650mm



The Macon has two classic 55 litre ovens/grills and one 25 litre oven with a grill. It is available in gas, induction or vitro ceramic.
Dimensions: W 1000 x H 900 x D 650mm



Designed around two large ovens (static electric or multifunction) and topped with a large hob, the Sully has the layout of a real professional’s oven.
Dimensions: W 1405 x H 900 x D 650mm

Cluny 1800

The Cluny 1800 cooker is a particularly impressive kitchen range, equipped with a very spacious hob with five rings (gas, electric, electric ceramic or induction). Vertical warming ovens on both sides complement the two ovens at the centre of the cooker.
Dimensions: W 1805 x H 900 x D 650mm



The Saulieu offers a hob of generous size and a combination of two ovens: one 75 litres and one 69 litres. Both are dual function with grills. The hob is available with different combinations of gas and electric zones. 

Dimensions: W 1105 x H 900 x D 650mm 


Cluny 1400D

The Cluny 1400 includes two 55 litre ovens with grills. Five gas or electric burners are available on the hob. You can add a deep fat fryer, steamer, bbq or induction with the right configuration. 
Dimensions: W 1400 x H 900 x D 650mm

Sully 2200.jpg

Sully 2200

The Sully 2200 is equipped with a very large cooking table that includes 3 burners (gas, electric or induction) that can be completed on each side by an option (gas, induction or radiant burners, plancha, grill, deep-fryer or multi-cooker).
This unique cooking range offers very balanced aesthetics that can be integrated in the most inspired kitchen projects.

Dimensions: W 2205 x H 900 x D 650 mm

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